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More Mexpha updates.

2013-01-07 22:37:11 by B34T1N

Well, wow. The end of last year and the start of this year. Things have gone great. Got uploaded on Vital, featured on BBC Introducing, House.net, FutureGarage.net. I can't even begin to express how happy I am and how much hope I have for this year with my music. Just had the best party ever in London, hung out with xKore and a few other friends and now I'm back home and just turned 20!

Something I'm kind of sad to do, but at the same time needed to be done, I've deleted all the audio from my page and uploaded one new serious track for you to all download and whatever. Yeah, deleted it ALL. I'm sad to see some of it go but I went through some changes in the past I don't want to be brought back to and certain things I may have mentioned in audio descriptions and bla bla. Not to mention I had a fairly unprofessional sound back then and wasn't taking my music seriously.

I take my music very seriously now and it's paying off, I want to make this my career. I'd really love for anyone to follow my work where they can and spread my name around. High hopes for 2013. Happy new year to you all!



2011-06-20 07:06:16 by B34T1N

Right, so basically, I changed my alias to Mexpha, I did this a while back now, but most of you who follow my music will know I don't use NG anymore except for posting previews. The point I mainly want to get across here is to my NG fans who didn't know about the change, well, In the website link on my profile, there is a portfolio of my more recent music, be sure to check it out and follow me on there. As for the random NG people that may read this, I will be posting previews here too, so be sure to check those out as they come!

Major updates!

2011-01-05 16:02:41 by B34T1N

So 2010 really took a lot out of me, I did get that new laptop, but it broke soon after, managed to back up a lot of my music files though, if many of you though I'd packed up the music business, nope, I've been uploading my creations elsewhere for a while which has had pretty good results. So basically, goals now, get new laptop, get new hardware, make demos for a few record labels who I've already had contact with, and hopefully all will go well from there!

On another note, I'm definetly going to be changing my alias, if I do happen to get a good deal going when I get this laptop I can't really stick with the name B34T1N, it would just be ultimately stupid. If anyone has any good suggestions, comment below. And hell, if you don't have any good ones, comment anyway, funny and crappy ones are excepted, but are less likely to be used. ;)

So yeah, I can't really think of much else to put, never really been good with my words and probably only a few of my close followers will ever read this. You know who you are! Yes, YOU!

If anybody wan't to catch up or get in touch though, now would be the time to add b34t1n@hotmail.com to you MSN Messenger, as when I change alias I doubt I will be using that e-mail anymore, so yeah, good riddance to that!

Right, I think that about sums it up, kinda. Cya guys, hope 2011 goes well for you all. :)

Bradley F

Check out my friends band!

2010-05-02 20:00:49 by B34T1N

Alright, my friends band just set up their stuff on the web, go check em out guys, they have huge talent!


Facebook - Search for Caught In Crossfire :)

Cheers guys!

Thanks alot


B34T1N Facebook page! :)

2010-01-12 14:32:59 by B34T1N

B34T1N Facebook Page!

Become a fan! :D

New laptop!

2009-12-30 15:39:32 by B34T1N

New laptop = better music production.

New laptop = 6th January, if not, I'll make another post. :D


2009-08-17 14:12:55 by B34T1N

Zoom zoom zoom zoomzoomzoom...


I need a holiday...

2009-08-06 05:28:40 by B34T1N

Give me one now please... *Puppy eyes*

Getting my own computer soon!

2009-06-12 06:59:21 by B34T1N

Hey everybody, I'm getting a new computer soon! This means that much more music from me will be headed your way!!! I'm very, very excited about this as not many of you may be aware that the reason I don't actually upload much music is the fact that I have to share this computer AND it isn't in my room, which makes it much harder for me to actually get on here and also be able to concentrate on just working on my music. This is going to be a very good opportunity for me to work on my skills, improve them and stop forgetting any that I learn, also recently, many of my music ideas have just been washed down the drain, I think of them, try to keep them in my head for as long as I can, but I have to wait so long to get on here that I forgot by the time I do' those days are officially over. Some of you may be happy about this, some of you may not as you do not like me, either way, I am happy, you should be too. If you do not categorise into any of those two types of feeling about this, then you do not know who I am, which will also mean I do not know you, I'm just being random now. Anyway, yeah, getting my own computer, more music! That sums it up good enough.

}{B34T1N}{ - I don't know what else to say to be honest, that's why this post is so weird.


Dry Spell Going Away! =D

2009-03-02 12:26:41 by B34T1N

I had a VERY long dry spell of not being able to make music, no ideas, just, everything I attempted to make was so awful, I made the Chaoz Fantasy Remake to try and get rid of it, and I'm glad to announce that it did work! More music by me will be headed your way people of Newgrounds! =] And I hope everybody liked the reamke of the PX9 song! =D