Entry #17

More Mexpha updates.

2013-01-07 22:37:11 by B34T1N

Well, wow. The end of last year and the start of this year. Things have gone great. Got uploaded on Vital, featured on BBC Introducing, House.net, FutureGarage.net. I can't even begin to express how happy I am and how much hope I have for this year with my music. Just had the best party ever in London, hung out with xKore and a few other friends and now I'm back home and just turned 20!

Something I'm kind of sad to do, but at the same time needed to be done, I've deleted all the audio from my page and uploaded one new serious track for you to all download and whatever. Yeah, deleted it ALL. I'm sad to see some of it go but I went through some changes in the past I don't want to be brought back to and certain things I may have mentioned in audio descriptions and bla bla. Not to mention I had a fairly unprofessional sound back then and wasn't taking my music seriously.

I take my music very seriously now and it's paying off, I want to make this my career. I'd really love for anyone to follow my work where they can and spread my name around. High hopes for 2013. Happy new year to you all!



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2013-01-09 10:40:54

ohai. I recognize you. friends? friends!

add me on skype i remember you in that awesome convo party lolol


B34T1N responds:

On it! :)